Born in New York and Educated at Maryland University, American Oweis Zahran is a modern pioneer of the automotive industry. He is heavily focused on product manufacturing and distribution in the Middle East and once developed fully, he will return to his home town in the USA.

Mr. Zahran developed a love for business early on, under the guidance and mentorship of his farther, Dr. M Zahran. Being a member of a large family, with 17 siblings, taught the younger Mr. Zahran the value of hard work and patience. This strong work ethic and patience allowed him to strike out on his own at 16 to broker his first million dollar deal on behalf of his father’s business MZ Holdings.

Since then Mr. Zahran's reputation and track record have propelled him to his current position of managing three of MZ Holdings’ companies, OWS Auto , Tatra Middle East and Transaxle ME. As the head of these enterprises he has developed several partnerships with the private sector as well the governments of Dubai, Sharjah,  Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the most recent being a Joint Venture with Sharjah Government.

Beyond having ambitions to establish the largest automotive complex in the region, Mr. Zahran values both his familial connections and his health, working closely with his five brothers and enjoying everything from Soccer to Crossfit.

Mr Zahran has recently developed a very strong interest in philanthropy. Today he runs a small operation is West Africa with a purpose of providing clean drinking water to families in Nigeria and Ghana. Mr Zahran and Ambassador to Nigeria HE Mohd Gello have established this effort in 2015 and today operate 6 water drilling rigs in Africa.