OWS Auto is a leading Automotive component manufacturer  with presence in 7 countries , responsible for transportation platforms and vehicle fleets of both governments (Police, School buses, Municipalities etc) and large multinational corporations (such as Pepsi-cola, Avis Rent A Car).

OWS has created an echo in the Automotive world loud enough to attract attention of several OEM manufacturers and has established relationships with most of the worlds leading Automotive suppliers. In the Middle East in particular, Oweis Has developed both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates where he now serves as one of the largest parts and components suppliers in the region. In January 2017, Oweis Zahran has Signed a Joint venture with Sharjah Government to form a new entity which would serve as a total Automotive solution to the Emirate’s Government and residence. Providing services from Vehicle emission testing to quick service and parts supply.


MZ Holding Ltd is  investment group established 40 years ago in the state of Delaware and operates its headquarters from Switzerland. the MZ mission is the successful management of resources to create and develop creative business opportunities and solutions. Our investments generally produce a balance between business, social and economical accomplishment, to equally serve the interest of investors and consumers.

While based primarily in the Americas and Europe,  MZ holding has a strong representation in the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) region & the company has offices in three (3) Continents. Several of MZ’s companies are semi Government and hence serve a strong responsibility towards the social economies.   MZ Holding's 16 subsidiaries are primarily in the fields of Equipment supply, Industrial manufacturing, Automotive R&D, Oil & Gas as well as construction.


Autoxpress is a one stop shop solution for all automotive related services required within the Emirate of Sharjah with a vision to become the region`s number one choice to consumers of the general population

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Rafid has been established in 2017 as a joint venture between Sharjah Asset Management and OWS Auto to enhance the automotive sector in the region.

Today Rafid operates five lines of businesses including Vehicle inspection and registration, Automotive quick service, Spare parts trading, Accident assistance and complete Fleet management through a state of the art 30,000sqm workshop; providing maintenance, repair, and overhaul services to all of the Sharjah Government fleets as well as public and private fleets.

The Rafid Team consist of western and local Automotive experts. Our management team is a collection of born innovators who see solutions as a way of life. Drawn from across the country and around the world, they work everyday to improve procedures and deliver better solutions for our company, clients and partners.


Motor Check is a Rafid Automotive Solutions company, founded by automotive professionals with decades of experience. Motor check goal is to provide car buyers with the industry’s most comprehensive vehicle condition reports. Motor check can inspect and appraise cars and trucks throughout the entire UAE

Motor Check

The Rafid Accident Unit is a dedicated service provided to the residents of Sharjah in order to survey the scene of a minor traffic accident which needs to be accurately documented as legal evidence. A Rafid Traffic Expert is called upon to conduct an accident scene survey. Rafid Accident Unit will deliver the type of accident report required by Law through the highest level of technology, accuracy and attention to detail.